by Kittiwake

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Estival is the first of 3 EPs set to be released and recorded over the course of this year covering the summer, autumn and winter seasons.


released October 16, 2015

Lyrics and music by Kittiwake
Piano and Vocals : Laila O'Sullivan
Bass : Matthew Ryan Harris
Drums : Travis Burrows
Cello : Molly McDermott
Guitar : Gavin Hage

Recorded and Mixed by Rebecca File
Mastered by Scott Westrick
Cover art by Sophie La Leo



all rights reserved


Kittiwake Fairbanks, Alaska

Kittiwake is an experimental art rock band from Fairbanks, AK. Their music is soulful, linear, progressive and passionate with post rock leanings. The songs themselves are emotional in their nature and they illicit a variety of responses. Live, the music is raw and uninhibited, with vocals that dip and soar over octaves of intricate piano and guitar work. ... more

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Track Name: Incarnate
You've got some light coming in
from the west, from the west now
dripping down your window panes
from the west, from the west now

Seeping into your floorboards
shadows play when you aren't looking
but i am looking
and I can see them peeping toms
these are
their places hard won
but can you blame them?

to inhale such motion
to breathe it in

Mark my words, we will move closer
All things move toward their end

You wrap your secrets around you like a sweater
cloaking your emotions in layers and layers
peel them back, fall apart
its getting dark and I feel like
we have stopped motion
the lights have gone out

Mark my words, we will move closer
All things move toward their end

We've come to a fork in the road
the path is laid out before us
Every word, every whisper, every gesture
I will cater to you
Hold me accountable
Please undo me
My feet have carved circles in these hills
I've been here before
I think that I have been here before
This is all so familiar
Track Name: Wait in the Fire
In quiet shuffling of feet and faces
deck of cards for the masses
I watch the fine lines of your back move
I run my fingers over them

They are like
beautiful rivers
they are my pleasure

This is where I lay my head
this is where I take my rest

And when we awake there is a moon hanging over
its orbiting around us and we are its center

There is a place with no name
we built it from our blood and bones and beings
we filled it with all of our collected moments
and we left it sitting quietly in secret
and I will take my meals there
I will build a fire
this is my Graceland
this is my shelter

I created this and I can break it
but I will wait in the fire
Track Name: Build Me Up
I feel like the walking dead
been asleep for so long
theres a clicking in the back of my head
lets my know that I'm not too far gone

I hear the whispers in the trees
the rattling of their leaves
broken branches and twisted roots
digging down to their tombs

Make up a story all about me
recreate the sense of myself
build me up out of the ground now
out of nothing, out of something

I want to be surrounded
I don't want to be found
I want to be grounded
Until I can't see anything else
Until I can't see anything else

So we dig down a little deeper
we keep scratching at the surface
Pulling apart the pieces
breath shallow, losing our balance

When once our feet were firmly planted
when once we could see our futures
we could see so clearly where we were headed
Track Name: 1.5
We were golden once
but now the jumping point is right here
It is right in front of my nose
I should have seen it coming all along
I can't hold this place up
I can't take care of my self

I knew you'd see
right through me
I'd forgotten all I've said I've done
and did away with it

Its over, she's spoken
and all of the splinters
pieces she bit from her tongue
the shards have fractured off

A morsel, delicious
My baby, for dinner
She's just a dream forgotten
the crumbs are shaken away

She won't stay

The words have been hanging from my tongue
Their little points dig into the muscle
I fling them out of my mouth
I've known for months and months
I've sat on the knowledge
I tried to swallow them up, gone

I knew you'd see
right through me
I'd forgotten all I've said I've done
and did away with it

I'm trying to soften all of the edges
but I'm lying to myself
Track Name: Alternating Current
I was considering the sentiment
my lips upon the earth
kissing the dirt
digging, digging into it

You catch me stirring
with wide eyes and whimpering
slow down and muddle
my movements, my thoughts

I've become stunted
a glimmer, a glance
hold me above the water

And I was considering the sentiment
of a bird through window flown
broken glass shattered
and little particles were sent forth
out into the world
their feathers to drift
into thickets and flowers
and pressed between the pages

I'm the wiggling worm
caught in beak
snatched up and swallowed whole

You care
you caress
you dream me into
the beautiful-est
You make me feel
like I'm veering between
two extremes

And I was considering the sentiment
of a house gone down in flames
licking their lips
and reaching for ceiling beams
suffocated and gasping for breath
lying still and motionless
tumbling down, and down, and down

I'm lost
no lucidity
bring me back, please

I was considering the sentiment
my lips upon the earth
kissing the dirt
digging, digging into it

Alternating uplift me
Dash me